Lion Obtains Certification under the ISO 9001 International Standard for Quality Management Systems

Mar. 03, 2022 Sustainability


Lion Corporation strives to continually enhance customer satisfaction and quality. To this end, on February 3, 2022, Lion obtained certification under ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems, at its Head Office, Tokyo Office, research centers (Hirai Research Center and Odawara Research Center) and plants (Chiba Plant, Odawara Plant, Osaka Plant and Akashi Plant).

Since its founding in 1891, Lion has maintained a spirit of “benefitting society though business activities.” In January 2017, we were ahead of the curve in making a Customer-Oriented Management Declaration. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority in product development and services, and we implement quality assurance activities on a Company-wide basis to create safe, high-quality products that meet customer needs.
ISO 9001 is an international standard issued by ISO aimed at the continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction and quality management systems. Certification under ISO 9001 is granted when an evaluation performed by a certification body finds that an organization meets the ISO management system standards.
This certification indicates that the exacting quality management systems at every step from product planning at the Head Office and Tokyo Office to development at research centers, production at plants, distribution, sales and customer support are well connected, and that Lion’s quality improvement efforts are highly consistent.
Going forward, we will work toward ISO 9001 multi-site certification* at Group companies in and outside Japan to further reinforce quality assurance.

* Certification that combines the ISO certifications of business sites that were previously certified individually. ISO 9001 multi-site certification indicates highly consistent quality assurance across an entire organization.

Lion will continue to work toward its management vision for 2030, “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company,” while seeking to further enhance customer satisfaction and quality in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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