Choose the Replacement Head That’s Right for You From the SYSTEMA, CLINICA or NONIO Brands

Lion Launches LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush

Mar. 29, 2023 Products & Services


On April 5, 2023, Lion Corporation (President: Masayuki Takemori) will release the new LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush, a toothbrush that assists manual brushing with sonic vibrations that help achieve superior cleaning performance, with a variety of replaceable heads to choose from.

From left: LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush handle; SYSTEMA replacement heads (medium, soft); SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus replacement head; SYSTEMA Super Premium replacement head; CLINICA Advantage replacement heads (Compact, Ultra Compact); NONIO Plus Whitening replacement head

・Sonic vibrations (approximately 9,000 times per minute) assist manual brushing for better cleaning performance
・The slim, lightweight handle and quiet operation provide a brushing experience similar to a manual toothbrush
Replacement heads
・Users can select the right brush head for them from the SYSTEM, CLINICA or NONIO brands
・Heads are slim and compact, making them easy to maneuver within the mouth

1. Objective of Introducing the New Product

A Lion survey found that approximately half of toothbrush users are interested in using an electric toothbrush. The main reasons these users gave for this interest were dissatisfaction with the cleaning performance of their current manual brushing and expectations that an electric toothbrush could be better at removing plaque. Nevertheless, only 14% of toothbrush users currently use electric toothbrushes, indicating that most people who are interested in using an electric toothbrush have not made the move to actually use one. In light of these findings, Lion surmised that, for people who would like to try using an electric toothbrush but are hesitant due to the higher price, likely barriers could be differences in the user experience and feel of brushing from what they are accustomed to as well as a lack of choice when it comes to choosing a brush head, unlike with manual toothbrushes.
To address these concerns, Lion is launching the new LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush, which allows users to brush just like they do with the manual toothbrushes they are used to, making it easy to switch over, with a lineup of brush heads that enables users to choose the one that is right for them. The new product assists manual brushing with sonic vibrations while allowing users to choose replacement heads from the SYSTEMA, CLINICA or NONIO brands. This is aimed at enabling oral care habits that provide superior cleaning performance through an experience like normal tooth brushing for users who are dissatisfied with the plaque removal of their current brushing routine but hesitant about using existing electric toothbrushes.
* 2022 Lion survey

2. Release Date and Region

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, nationwide

3. Product Name and Price

Product name Retail price
“Electric Assist”
Toothbrush set (comes with 1 electric toothbrush body, 1 SYSTEMA medium replacement brush and 1 alkaline battery) No recommended retail price
Replacement heads
SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus Soft
SYSTEMA Super Premium Medium
CLINICA Advantage
Compact Medium
Ultra Compact Medium
NONIO Plus Whitening Medium

4. Product Features

LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush Handle
Enhances cleaning performance while providing a brushing experience like a manual toothbrush

(1)The slim, lightweight handle and quiet operation provide a brushing experience similar to a manual toothbrush
(2)Sonic vibrations (approximately 9,000 times per minute) assist manual brushing for more effective cleaning

LION “Electric Assist” Toothbrush Replacement Heads
All the replacement brushes feature super thin heads to more easily reach the back of the mouth

SYSTEMA (Medium, Soft)
Super-tapered bristles on the outer edge of the brush reach deep into the gingival sulcus—the space between teeth and gums—to brush out plaque, while the taped bristles in the middle thoroughly remove plaque from the tooth surface

Haguki (the Gums) Plus (Soft)
Densely packed super-tapered bristles help care for weakened gums while reaching deep into the gingival sulcus to brush out plaque

SYSTEMA Super Premium (Medium)
Super-tapered bristles and round-ended bristles work in tandem to thoroughly clean the gingival sulcus and tooth surface

CLINICA Advantage Compact (medium) / Ultra Compact (medium)
(1)The 2.6 mm extremely thin head is even thinner than Lion’s other thin toothbrush heads to reach further back on the molars
(2)Easy to maneuver within the mouth, with four rows of bristles to thoroughly brush every nook and cranny

NONIO Plus Whitening (Medium)
Star-shaped multi-edge bristles to remove plaque and even stains, for a squeaky clean finish


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