Health tonic drinks & vitamin supplements

Health tonic drinks

Guronsan Oral Liquid

A health tonic drink formulated with 600mg of glucuronolactone and four vitamins


20ml (1 bottle)
Recommended retail price
1 bottle: ¥140; 10 bottles: ¥1,400; 10 bottles × 18: ¥25,200; 30 bottles: ¥4,000; 30 bottles × 6: ¥24,000

Guronsan Strong Oral Liquid

A health tonic drink formulated with 1000mg of glucuronolactone and four vitamins


30ml (1 bottle)
Recommended retail price
1 bottle: ¥210; 5 bottles: ¥1,050; 5 bottles × 24: ¥25,200; 10 bottles: ¥2,050; 10 bottles × 12: ¥24,600

New Guromont A

Out with fatigue, in with energy!
A health tonic drink with a pleasant flavor and excellent effectiveness. Formulated with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 to help prevent and recover from fatigue.


100ml (1 bottle)

Herbal medicines containing vitamins B2 and B6

PAIR® A Tablet

An oral tablet medicine for recurring acne and irritated skin, such as that triggered by a disruption of daily routines

Product directions and other info


60 tablets; 120 tablets
Recommended retail price
60 tablets: ¥1,440; 120 tablets: ¥2,700


Reduces the following symptoms: Acne, rough skin, dermatitis, skin irritation, chafed skin, eczema, canker sores, inflammation of the corners of the mouth, inflammation of the lips, inflammation of the tongue.
*Consult a doctor or pharmacist if these symptoms do not improve after using the product for about a month.

Replenishes vitamins B2 and B6 at times of physical exhaustion, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or at times of reduced physical strength during or after illness

Directions and Dosage

Take the following amount with warm or cold water.

Age Amount per 1 dose Doses per day
Adults (15 years and up) 1 tablet 2 (morning and evening)
Children under 15 years × Do not use

Usage and Dosage Warnings
Do not swallow the desiccants in the product's package.


Per 2 tablets (1 day's dose)

Active ingredient Content Purpose
Glucuronolactone 200 mg Supports the liver's functions of detoxifying and expelling unneeded substances in the body.
Coix extract 77 mg (equivalent to 1,001 mg crude drug) An herbal medicine that helps improve acne and rough skin.
L-cysteine 30 mg An amino acid that is a component of skin cells, is involved in energy metabolism and promotes the metabolism of the skin.
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 30 mg Supports the health of skin and other tissue, and regulates skin turnover. Also helps normalize sebum and protein metabolism.
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 100 mg

*Inactive ingredients: Corn starch, hydroxypropylcellulose, cellulose, magnesium stearate, fumaric acid, stearic acid, polyvinylacetal diethylaminoacetate, hypromellose, titanium oxide, iron sesquioxide, macrogol

Note about ingredients

Using this product may cause urine to appear yellow. This is due to the vitamin B6 contained in the product that is absorbed by the body and excreted in urine, and is not cause for concern.