Quality Policy

The mission of Lion Corporation is to provide superior products and services that make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits while achieving customer satisfaction and trust. Ceaselessly implementing quality assurance activities, the Company is striving to increase customer satisfaction.

  1. The importance of customer communication
    The serious consideration given to customer comments is reflected in Lion’s products and services.
    Along with gathering information related to quality, Lion provides information that is accurate and easy to understand.
  2. Lion thoroughly pursues safety and functionality in all of its products
    Thoroughly pursuing safety features, Lion is actively engaged in improving product capabilities.
  3. Considering the global environment
    Reducing the burden of products and services on the global environment, Lion is aiming to create a sustainable society.
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Complying with related laws and internal company regulations, Lion is improving its quality assurance activities.
  5. Providing products and services that are full of fresh surprises
    By ceaselessly engaging in the creation of attractive products, Lion is working to increase customer satisfaction.

January 1, 2022

Approach to Quality Assurance, Safety and Reliability