Lion Receives the Supply Chain Innovation Award
Lion’s efforts to reduce returns through open collaboration among manufacturing, distribution and sales were highly evaluated.

Jul. 12, 2021 Sustainability



Lion Corporation, Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. and PALTAC CORPORATION were awarded the grand prize in the Supply Chain Innovation Awards 2021 in recognition of their efforts to optimize inventory and reduce returns through open collaboration involving manufacturing, distribution and sales. The award ceremony was held at the General Meeting/Forum of the Council for the Collaboration between the Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales Sectors* on Friday, July 9, 2021.



The Supply Chain Innovation Award is presented by the Council for the Collaboration between the Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales Sectors to recognize the efforts of companies that have shown leadership in their industry in optimizing the entire supply chain through their outstanding efforts in cooperation with all levels of manufacturing, distribution and sales.
*The Council for the Collaboration between the Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales Sectors was established in May 2011 with the aim of enhancing industrial competitiveness and contributing to the prosperity of the public through collaboration among manufacturers (manufacturing), intermediary distributors and wholesalers (distribution) and retailers (sales) to eliminate inefficient operations throughout the entire supply chain and establish a system for creating new value.

■ Award Summary
In this initiative, Lion, Sugi Pharmacy and PALTAC realized a reduction in product returns by optimizing inventory through the adoption of a hands-on, speedy and open collaborative system that transcends corporate boundaries to address the issue of excess inventory and product returns.
Specifically, we achieved inventory optimization and reduced product returns while expanding sales by exchanging information on new products, product revisions and discontinuations, planned sales promotions and store distribution volume at an early stage of the product supply process. In addition, we systematically developed and implemented solution models for in-store operational measures from the point of product launch through end-of-sale.
In the future, we will launch another project within Sugi Pharmacy that will include other wholesalers and manufacturers, thereby expanding the number of participating companies and opening up the solution models we have developed.


Overview of Initiatives to Align with Product Life Cycles

■ Future Outlook
Lion will continue to provide solutions that lead to improved efficiency throughout the supply chain by collaborating with parties engaged in manufacturing, distribution and sales. By doing so, we will contribute to health, comfort and cleanliness in everyday living and the realization of a sustainable society.

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