Lion Certified under the Japan Sports Agency’s Sports Yell Company 2022 Program

Feb. 07, 2022 Sustainability


Lion Corporation has been certified under the Japan Sports Agency’s Sports Yell Company 2022 program as a company promoting sports activities or proactively providing related support.


■Lion’s Initiatives
Working toward its management vision of “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company,” Lion is implementing activities aimed at realizing healthy minds and bodies for all its customers. We are starting by focusing on the health of our employees, promoting employee awareness of health and self-directed healthy behavior. Specifically, the Company works in close coordination with employees and the Lion Health Insurance Society to support the formation of healthy habits in such areas as improving lifestyles, oral heath, mental health, cancer prevention and anti-smoking, based on the Guidelines for Health.
Lion is also a member of the Japan Sports Agency’s Sport in Life Consortium and promotes sports activities among employees, encourages commuting on foot and bicycle, holds walking events in coordination with the Lion Health Insurance Society, disseminates tips on getting more physical activity and other information, and promotes health-related events centered on employees, such as culture and sports fair activities that have been ongoing for more than 40 years. In recognition of these efforts, Lion has been certified under the Yell Company 2022 program.

Going forward, Lion will continue working to help its employees maintain and improve their health and achieve personal growth and fulfillment while leveraging such efforts to develop its businesses toward further corporate growth.

■The Sports Yell Company Program
The Sports Yell Company is a certification program created by the Japan Sports Agency in 2017 to recognize companies that support or promote sports activities to improve their employees’ health (in Japan, “yell” refers to cheering and shouts of encouragement). The program recognizes companies that implement initiatives aimed at fostering healthy lifestyles among working adults, which may include not only sports, but also such measures as providing opportunities to move and stretch in the morning or at lunchtime, promoting the use of stairs and commuting on foot or bicycle, and enabling employees to use standing desks.

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