Lion Recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader, the Highest Rating under the CDP Supplier Engagement Rating Program, for a Third Consecutive Year

Feb. 22, 2022 Sustainability


Lion Corporation has been recognized as a supplier engagement leader for a third consecutive year under the Supplier Engagement Rating Program of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international NPO that offers a system for environment-related information disclosure.

Lion positions “promoting environmental initiatives for a sustainable planet” as a top priority material issue, and the LION Eco Challenge 2050 long-term environmental management objectives formulated in June 2019 are at the center of its strategy. Working in cooperation with stakeholders through the provision of environmentally friendly products, joint logistics and other initiatives, Lion proactively works to decrease the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycles.
As part of international efforts aimed at reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions from supply chains, the CDP Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) is an indicator for evaluating businesses in terms of their initiatives aimed at encouraging their supply chain constituents to address climate change issues. To this end, the program grants ratings based primarily on businesses’ responses to CDP climate change questionnaire items covering four fields (governance, targets, value chain (scope 3) emissions and supplier engagement strategies). In 2021, approximately 500 companies, which represent the top 8% of those rated and include Lion and another 105 domestic companies, were chosen as supplier engagement leaders.
The Lion Group established the Vision2030 long-term strategic framework in February 2021, designating “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” as its management vision. We have further designated “initiatives to address the sustainability material issues” as a management strategy aimed at the achievement of the management vision. We will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized, resource-circulating society by promoting the formation of environmentally friendly habits together with consumers.

About the CDP
Founded in 2000, the CDP is an NPO based in the United Kingdom that advocates for the disclosure of environment-related information, encouraging businesses and municipalities to publicize data regarding their climate change countermeasures and initiatives involving water resource conservation and forest preservation as well as other relevant activities. In line with the requests of institutional investors highly concerned about environmental problems as well as major corporations acting as primary purchasers, the CDP is campaigning for the widespread implementation of measures aimed at addressing environmental issues.

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