Lion Publishes Plastics Environmental Declaration

May. 10, 2022 Sustainability


Lion Corporation published the Lion Group Plastics Environmental Declaration on its website on Monday, May 9, 2022. The declaration serves as Lion’s policy for plastic resource recycling initiatives.

The Lion Group has designated “promoting environmental initiatives for a sustainable planet” as one of its material issues and is working toward the development of both a sustainable society and its business.
We are taking on the challenge of solving plastic-related problems as one of the priority issues of the LION Eco Challenge 2050, aiming to minimize the amount of plastic used and to collect and recycle all plastic waste.

Overview of the Declaration
The Lion Group’s Targets
■2050 Targets
Collect and recycle used plastic resources for reuse to achieve a continuous cycle of plastic use.
■2030 Targets
・Reduce the percentage of virgin petroleum-derived plastics used to 70% or less and increase the percentage of refill products to at least 50% of total products
・Advance recycling initiatives in Japan and build recycling infrastructure across multiple companies

The Lion Group established the Vision2030 long-term strategic framework in February 2021, designating “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” as its management vision. We have further designated “initiatives to address the sustainability material issues” as a management strategy aimed at the achievement of the management vision.
Going forward, we will continue to aim for the development of both a sustainable society and our business as we seek to contribute to the realization of a resource-circulating society.

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