There are a number of questions that we are asked regularly. To help you find the information you are looking for, we have listed below the most frequently asked questions and have provided answers to them.

Questions about Financial Information

1.When does the fiscal year end?

The fiscal year ends on December 31. The calendar for the announcement of financial results can be found here.


2.Where can I find the latest financial information?

The latest financial information can be found here.


3.Where can I find financial information for earlier fiscal years?

Financial information for earlier fiscal years can be found here.


4.Where can I find information presented at investor events?

Information presented at investor events can be found here.

While investor meetings are not held to announce quarterly results, information on quarterly results can be found here.


5.Where can I find Integrated reports?

Annual reports and integrated reports for the past 6 years are available here.


Questions about Lion's Stock

6.When will the general meeting of shareholders take place?

Lion's annual general meeting of shareholders is held each year in the latter part of March.


7.What is the number of shares in a round lot?

A round lot consists of 100 shares.


8.What is the number of issued and outstanding shares?

Issued and outstanding shares totaled 299,115,346.


9.How is ownership of Lion's stock distributed among shareholders?

Information on how ownership of Lion's stock is distributed among shareholders can be found here.


10.What is Lion's dividend policy?

Lion considers returning profits to shareholders on a permanent and stable basis by increasing its consolidated earnings capacity as one of its most important management issues. To this end, the Company strives to ensure the payment of continuous and stable cash dividends, aiming for a consolidated payout ratio of around 30%, and bases the acquisition of treasury stock on comprehensive reviews of the appropriate levels of internal reserves required to secure medium- and long-term growth. Lion allocates internal reserves to research and development, capital investment in production facilities and the acquisition of external resources, aiming to reinforce the Company's growth potential and to develop a sustainable business foundation.


11.What is the date of record for dividend payments?

The date of record is December 31 for the annual dividend and June 30 for the interim dividend.


Questions about Management and Management Strategies

12.Where can I find company overview?

Information on compliance policies can be found here.


13.Iʼd like to learn about Lionʼs business segment.

Information on Consumer Products business can be found here.


14.I'd like to learn about Lion's midium-term management plan.

Information on Industrial Products business can be found here.


15.What are Lion's compliance policies?

Information on overseas operations can be found here.


Questions about Sustainability Activities

16.Could you tell me more about the history of Lion's Sustainability and Environmental Protection and Social Activities.

To view an abridged translation of our Sustainability Report, or for information about the history of our environmental protection and social activities, please click here.