Our Research : Safety Evaluations

Environment and Safety

Lion takes its responsibility for providing customers with peace of mind through safety evaluations based on scientific evidence extremely seriously. We conduct wide-ranging safety assessments of the effects of Lion products and their raw materials on people and the environment, applying technologies related to living organisms, including those in the fields of molecular biology and physiology. These assessments ensure that customers can use Lion products with confidence. In addition to performing evaluations, Lion is involved in the development of safety assessment technologies, such as alternatives to animal testing.

The importance of safety evaluation and confirmation is the same worldwide. Lion takes a global perspective as it aggressively gathers and analyzes safety data from in and outside Japan and uses such data in actual safety evaluations. At the same time, Lion actively participates in various industry associations, cooperating to help solve problems.

R&D Case Study

External Presentation—Safety Evaluations

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    A Study of Utility of a Three-dimensional Human Buccal Mucosal Model and Gingival Model for Oral Mucosal Irritation Evaluation

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    The Study of Utility of a Three-dimensional Human Buccal Mucosal Model for Oral Mucosal Irritation Prediction of Raw Materials for Oral Care Supplies by the Three Facilities

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