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Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children Conducted Throughout Asia

In order to maintain lifelong dental and oral health, it is important to establish proper oral care habits early on. Placing emphasis on fostering elementary school students’ awareness of dental and oral health, Lion has held the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children since 1932, in cooperation with the Lion Foundation for Dental Health (LDH). The event is held every year during dental/oral health week, from June 4 to 10. 2019 marked the 76th year of this event. Instead of holding a single event via live webcast, as in recent years, a more flexible format was adopted. Schools in Japan could participate on any day in the ten-day event period by using a 45-minute educational DVD. In 2019, approximately 240,000 children at 4,255 schools (approximately 14% of all elementary schools in Japan) participated.

The annual event is held not only in Japan, but in countries and regions across Asia.