Creating Healthy Living Habits

Basic Approach

Since its founding, Lion has sought to help consumers enjoy healthy living through the provision of products while carrying out educational activities and communication aimed at creating better living habits.
In Japan and countries and regions across Asia, Lion is engaged in initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of society and the global environment through the areas of health, comfort and cleanliness. We believe that our continued business viability depends on co-existing harmoniously with the communities in which we are involved, such as those where Lion facilities are located. We therefore strive to help solve issues in and invigorate local communities in partnership with local residents, government agencies and citizens’ groups. In addition, by increasing opportunities for every employee to get involved in business-related educational activities, we foster human resources that create new value informed by a high level of social and environmental awareness.
Aiming to contribute to everyday health and comfort and longer healthy life expectancy around the world, Lion seeks to “ReDesign” everyday rituals to become more natural, easy and enjoyable in order to realize healthy minds and bodies for all.

To realize its management vision of becoming an advanced daily healthcare company, Lion will “ReDesign” everyday rituals to become more natural, easy and enjoyable. From bothersome to easy.
From chores to things you want to do. From effort to what you do naturally.
We will create happiness never before experienced, and realize healthy minds and bodies for all.
And we believe that this is the very purpose of Lion.


Environment Communication