Our Research : Production Technology

Container and Packaging Technologies

Packaging and containers play a number of important roles. They are the face of Lion’s products, serving to convey the product’s appeal to customers. They are a tool, providing convenient functions in users’ everyday lives. After use, they represent material resources through recycling. Similarly, packaging and container developers must play a number of roles, including designer, researcher, engineer and consumer. Our goal is to implement universal design that makes products easy for consumers to use, achieve environment-friendly design that uses fewer resources and is readily recyclable, and achieve effective emotional design that will appeal to and excite consumers, all while providing products at a reasonable price point. To meet this goal, we our research focuses mainly on consumer surveys, packaging materials science, three-dimensional computer aided design (3D-CAD) container design, design assessment using computer aided engineering (CAE), and packaging materials evaluations and sensory evaluations using mockups and actual products.

R&D Case Study

External Presentation—Packaging

  • Organized by the Kanto Branch of the Japan Packaging Managers Association "The 6th Packaging Workshop" (2019)

    "Top Haleta" Container Design

  • JSOL CAE Forum 2019

    Shape Design of Thin PET Refill Bottle Utilizing LS-DYNA

  • JPI 57th Japan Packaging Technology Conference (2019)

    Development of "Kirei Kirei Hand Wash" Refill Containers

  • Japan Packaging Institute (2018)

    Development of Detergent for Bathroom “Look PLUS Bathtub Cleansing”