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Container and Packaging Engineering

Containers and packaging play a number of important roles. They are the face of Lion’s products, serving to convey the product’s appeal to customers. They are a tool, providing convenient functions in users’ everyday lives. After use, they become material resources through recycling. Similarly, packaging and container developers must play a number of roles, including designer, researcher, engineer and consumer while increasing the stores of knowledge and references they are able to draw on by paying attention to such things as housewares, fashion and interior design trends. We hold regular meetings that bring together a wide range of specialized staff, from junior employees to experienced veterans, to discuss development themes and design approaches from their diverse standpoints.

These meetings serve not only to hone container designs, but as opportunities for researchers to develop flexible minds open to different opinions and to cultivate deep insight.

Our goals are to implement universal design that makes products easy for consumers to use, achieve environment-friendly design that uses fewer resources and is readily recyclable, and achieve effective emotional design that will appeal to and excite consumers, all while providing products at a reasonable price point. To meet this goal, we focus our research mainly on consumer surveys, packaging materials science, three-dimensional computer aided design (3D-CAD) container design, design analysis using computer aided engineering (CAE), and packaging material evaluations and sensory evaluations using 3D-printed mockups and actual products.

R&D Case Study—Container and Packaging Engineering

External Presentation—Container and Packaging Engineering

  • Organized by the Kanto Branch of the Japan Packaging Managers Association "The 6th Packaging Workshop" (2019)

    "Top Haleta" Container Design

  • JSOL CAE Forum 2019

    Shape Design of Thin PET Refill Bottle Utilizing LS-DYNA

  • JPI 57th Japan Packaging Technology Conference (2019)

    Development of "Kirei Kirei Hand Wash" Refill Containers

  • Japan Packaging Institute (2018)

    Development of Detergent for Bathroom “Look PLUS Bathtub Cleansing”