Awards and Recognition

  • Hot Topics Award at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry

    Establishment of a new in vitro exercise model and its application to analyze the mechanism of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutylate (HMB) on the contraction-induced protein synthesis

  • Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, 19th Presentation Award

    Study on Fabric Softener provided Comfortable Textile Feeling to Laundries

  • Japan Oil Chemist's Society, 52th Progress Award

    Structural Analysis in solutions - Innovation for surfactant science using scattering techniques -


    Analysis of solubilization of perfume molecules in micelles using small-angle X-ray scattering(SAXS)

  • THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD., The 41st Freshers Industrial Essay Contest, Part Ⅰ, 2nd place award.

    Think about tomorrow's company. A game-like world for capturing work.

    Excellent scientific papers First Class

    Decomposition and removal of dental model plaque by using toothpaste containing dextranase

  • Foundation, Oil nad Fat Industury Kaikan, 62th Excellent article award in Oil and Fat technology

    Membrane Permeation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles and Corneal Epithelial Cells with Lipophilic Vitamin Nanoemulsions

  • 2018年度(第50回)油脂産業論文 佳作 (Japanese only)

    The establishment of an oil and fat health care consortium by harmonizing the oil and fat industry and pharmaceutical technology —Toward the realization of a society that can work lively up to the age of 100—

  • 第32回 粉体工業功績者表彰 (Japanese only)

  • 一般財団法人 油脂工業会館 平成29年度 油脂技術優秀論文賞 (Japanese only)

    Mechanism analysis of Japanese sake yeast induced non-rapid eye movement sleep.

  • The 2017 Annual Meeting of The Japan Society for Bioscience,Biotechnology and Agrochemistry / Topics Award / Japan Society for Bioscience,Biotechnology and Agrochemistry

    The Effect of Sake Yeast on Skin Condition

  • The 22nd of Japan Society for Food Factors
    Young Investigator Award / Japan Society for Food Factors

    Lactoferrin promotes energy expenditure via the upregulation of UCP1 gene expression in reprogrammed functional brown adipocytes.

  • The 2017 Young Engineer Award of the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry / The Chemical Society of Japan

    Creation of highly functional composite materials through solution structure analysis of molecular formed by surfactants.

  • 18th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Kansei Engineering / Excellent Presentation Award / Japan Society of Kansei Engineering

    The Sensory Evaluation and the Physiological Measurement of the Tactile Sensation of Fabrics.

  • Japan Packaging Institute /Japan Packaging Contest 2017/Toiletry Packaging Award

    (1) TOP SUPER NANOX 660g /TOP HYGIA 660g
    (2) Dent Health Medicated Toothpaste

  • The JSWE New Technology Encouragement Award /
    Japan Society on Water Environment

    Development of Process Wastewater Recycling System in a Detergent Factory

  • Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science /
    第70回日本栄養・食糧学会技術賞 (Japanese only)

    New features of lactoferrin and its application to functional food

    第7回日本ラクトフェリン学会冨田賞(応用部門) (Japanese only)

    Effect of lactoferrin on energy expenditure in reprogrammed functional brown adipocytes

  • Japan Packaging Institute /JAPAN PACKAGING CONTEST

    (1) Packaging Idea Award:REED Healthy-Cooking Paper
    (2) Toiletry Packaging Award:KireiKirei Medicated Foaming Hand Soap

  • Oil & Fat Industry Kaikan
    第59回油脂技術論文最優秀賞 (Japanese only)

    ポリオキシエチレンアルキルエーテル硫酸ナトリウムとドデシルアミンオキサイドの混合ミセル溶液によるトリオレインの自発乳化 (Japanese only)

  • Japan Packaging Institute
    第39回木下賞 改善合理化部門 (Japanese only)

    Downward-facing Nozzle Pump Excellent Discharge

  • Japan Packaging Institute /JAPAN PACKAGING CONTEST

    (1) President of Japan Packaging Institute Award:KireiKirei Medicated Foaming Hand Soap for the Kitchen
    (2) Technical Packaging Award:SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus Dental Rinse
    (3) Accessible Design Packaging Award:CHARMY Magica

  • Japanese Proteomics Society /Japanese Proteomics Society Award for Technical Development

    Application of proteomics to functional food development research:
    Analysis for visceral fat reduction mechanism of Lactoferrin

  • Japan Chemical Industry Association /the JCIA Technology Award

    The World's 1st, Development of Palm Fatty Acid Ester (PFAE) Electrical Insulating Oil

  • Japan Oil Chemists' Society
    18th J. Oleo Science Editors' Award

    In vitro Analysis of the Effect of Alkyl-Chain Length of Anionic Surfactants on the Skin by Using a Reconstructed Human Epidermal Model