Activities in Malaysia - Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd.

Oral Health Care

1 Launching the Systema Love at First Brush Campaign

Southern Lion launched a dental campaign called Systema Love at First Brush (LAFB), in collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Therapists' Association and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (Oral Health Division). The mission of this campaign is to support one million Malaysians in choosing the toothbrush that best fits them individually. By taking part, Southern Lion aims to realize healthy habits through better oral care.
Southern Lion distributed 10,000 Systema toothbrushes across Malaysia via the Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association.

Systema Love at First Brush (LAFB) Campaign

2 Oral Health Education for Children with Disabilities

Southern Lion supports a program organized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (Oral Health Division) that aims to encourage awareness on oral health among children with disabilities. This program is conducted once every two years.
In 2017, the program was conducted for 400 children with hearing disabilities. By sponsoring the program, Southern Lion is helping communicate the importance of oral health to children.

Program participants

3 Participating in the Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Scientific Conference

In 2017, the Malaysian Dental Therapists Association (MDTA) organized a scientific conference and dental exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. The event is conducted once every two years and involves dentistry professionals from all across Malaysia. In 2017, the event drew about 2,000 participants. Southern Lion was one of the main sponsors of the conference and actively participated as one of the main booth exhibitors.

The Dental Exhibition and Conference

4 Participating in the Malaysian Dental Association International Dental Exhibition and Conference

Southern Lion participated as a sponsor and booth exhibitor in the Malaysia International Dental Exhibition and Conference in 2017.
Specialists from Southern Lion and Lion Corporation (Japan) participated as speakers. Oral health checkups using Lion’s Saliva Test System, a system that measures the risks of cavities, periodontal disease and oral cleanliness using saliva, were conducted at the Systema booth.
About 1,500 people participated in the event.

The Malaysia International Dental Exhibition and Conference

5 Promoting the Lion Dental Health Program at Kindergartens and Primary Schools throughout Malaysia

The Lion Dental Health Program is a social contribution program established in 1998 by Southern Lion. The aims of this program are to create awareness among the public of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene for better overall health and to educate children from a young age to cultivate good oral hygiene habits.

Southern Lion visits kindergartens and primary schools in Johor and teaches children (ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 12) correct oral care using KODOMO toothbrushes and toothpaste (oral care products of Southern Lion).

The class program has been developed by the Lion Foundation of Dental Health (LDH), a public interest incorporated foundation established by Lion Corporation. The program includes storytelling sessions, tooth brushing demonstrations, explanations of plaque and dental caries, quizzes and mascot appearances, all tailored to the target age group.

The fun and interactive classes are fully facilitated by Southern Lion employees who are in charge of operating social contribution programs.

In 2017, approximately 11,000 kindergarteners and 66,000 students in primary schools participated in the class. In total, more than 1,000,000 children have participated in the Lion Dental Health Program since the program began.

Kindergarteners participating in the
tooth brushing demonstration

Storytelling session at a kindergarten

Oral care lectures using KODOMO toothpaste

Oral care lectures using KODOMO toothbrushes

Explanation of good oral care habits
to students in a primary school

Tooth brushing demonstration in a primary school

6 Activities to Support the Health and Hygiene of Refugee Children

Southern Lion has been involved with health and hygiene awareness programs for refugee children since 2013. The programs have been conducted in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru with cooperation from NGOs and UNHCR staff.
The programs target children ages 7 to 16 and include oral care promotion and hand washing programs. Southern Lion donates its products to schools. Donated products include KODOMO toothbrushes and toothpaste, Systema toothbrushes, Fresh & White toothpaste, Shokubutsu bar soap and Shokubutsu Active Guard liquid hand soap.
In addition to the programs, employees from Southern Lion celebrate children’s birthdays with them and share happy moments.
About 460 children have participated since the program began.

Tooth brushing demonstration

Tea break with the children

Handing over of sponsorship items


1 Promoting Hygienic Habits at Kindergartens in Johor Bahru

With the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of hand washing among young children, Southern Lion has been visiting kindergartens in Johor Bahru and conducting hand washing programs since 2014. The programs include story-telling sessions, education on the steps of hand washing and the importance of using hand soap.
About 950 children have participated in this program since it began.

Explanation of when we need to wash our hands

Explanation of the good and bad bacteria
found on our hands

Children participating in the
hand washing demonstration

2 Activities to Raise the Hygiene Awareness of Indigenous Children in Malaysia

Southern Lion has been conducting hygiene awareness programs for indigenous children in areas of Johor. These programs are conducted in collaboration with various Malaysian government departments. Along with hair washing activities, employees of Southern Lion help to clean up villages. Also, Southern Lion donates its products, such as KODOMO toothbrushes and toothpaste, Systema toothbrushes, Fresh & White toothpaste, Shokubutsu Active Guard bar soap, Emeron shampoo, and Bio Zip detergent. In 2016, Southern Lion visited two villages, and 150 indigenous children participated in this activity.

Clean up activities in a village

Washing children's hair

Group photo

Environmental Conservation Activities

1 Launching of the Conservation Program at Johor Elephant Sanctuary in Collaboration with the Wildlife Department

In August 2017, Southern Lion launched a collaborative program with the Department of Wildlife & National Parks (PERHILITAN) related to conservation efforts at the Johor Elephant Sanctuary. The sanctuary is set to be completed by the end of 2018, after which Southern Lion will be actively involved in conservation efforts at the sanctuary as well as creating awareness among the general public. This program will be one of Southern Lion’s long term (five-year) environmental conservation efforts.

Project representatives

2 Removing Man-Made Traps to Protect Wildlife in the Rainforest

As part of its environmental conservation activities, Southern Lion is working to help preserve wildlife. One such initiative is to remove man-made traps that endanger wildlife in the Panti rainforest in Kota Tinggi. In 2017, 49 employees participated in this activity and destroyed 24 man-made traps.

Group photo of employee participants