Together with Supply Chains

Basic Approach

Lion regards the creation of responsible supply chain management through reinforced coordination with materials manufacturers and production contractors as a key issue in its supply chain initiatives. To reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of business activities and advance sustainable mutual business development, we must work with suppliers to evolve our sustainably initiatives based on our Procurement Principles. These principles clearly lay out Lion’s policy of considering legal compliance, environmental conservation and respect for human rights when selecting suppliers.
Furthermore, Lion recognizes the importance of promoting the sustainable procurement of palm oil, a key plant-based raw material for the Company, and is advancing initiatives to that end.

Procurement Principles

Procurement Principles

Since its foundation, Lion has been doing its utmost to provide safe, high quality products and services that promote healthy, comfortable lifestyles. Upholding this effort in the procurement of raw materials and the purchase of products, and with the cooperation of our business partners, we shall:

  1. Comply with prevailing laws and social norms and engage in appropriate, rational transactions with every business partner in a freely competitive framework that is equitable, fair and transparent;
  2. Rationally select business partners not only on the basis of quality, cost and timely delivery, but also regulatory compliance, environmental protection, labor, and human rights, to fulfill our responsibility to customers and to create a sustainable, healthy society;
  3. Respect the confidentiality of business partners’ information and intellectual property rights and never engage in inappropriate or unethical acquisition or use of such information or rights;
  4. Never offer business entertainment, gifts or monetary compensation to unfairly obtain profit;
  5. Fulfill our social responsibilities together with our business partners with a shared commitment to co-existence and co-prosperity.

Established: October 1st, 2008
Amended: October 1st, 2013

Instituting the LION Anti-Bribery Principles

The Lion Group established the LION Anti-Bribery Principles in January 2019 in light of developments around the world related to strengthening legal regulations against acts of bribery and corruption.
Going forward, we will continue working to ensure that our business activities are fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we do business.

LION Anti-Bribery Principles

LION Group will, in accordance with the global trend of reinforced legal regulations against the acts of bribery and corruption, set out the following basic principles with a view to preventing such acts of bribery and corruption and thoroughly requires the pursuit of business activities in compliance with all applicable laws of the countries and regions where we are conducting business.

  1. LION Group will, in accordance with 2. Compliance with Public Rules – “We shall observe all relevant laws and regulations and engage in fair, transparent and free competition and proper transactions”, as provided for in Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior, comply with anti-bribery laws applicable in Japan and abroad as well as corporate ethics and will not therefore tolerate any act of bribery or corruption.
  2. LION Group shall not, for whatever reason, seek any profits that could not be procured without acts of bribery or corruption or any similar unjust means. We also require all business partners involved in our business, whether in Japan or abroad, to fully understand the objective of this policy and to absolutely avoid seeking any profits for our company by these unjust means.
  3. LION Group will designate the officer(s) in charge of corporate ethics as supervisory manager responsible for prevention of bribery and take such measures as education and reinforced whistle-blowing hotlines necessary for prevention of bribery, thereby ensuring effective enforcement and maintenance of our compliance system.

Established January 1st, 2019
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Overview and Implementation Framework

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