Promoting Oral Healthcare


Based on more than a century of oral care research, Lion is elucidating the impact of conditions in the oral cavity on the body’s overall health. Indeed, maintaining good oral health is thought to contribute to a longer healthy life expectancy and the realization of everyday well-being. By helping maintain the health of the mouth through oral healthcare, we are working to improve consumers’ overall health with the goal of realizing healthy minds and bodies for all.    The keys to oral healthcare are learning correct knowledge and establishing preventive dentistry habits to manage dental health and prevent problems.
Lion’s approach to preventive dentistry focuses not on waiting to treat cavities until after they form, but preventing them before they can.
We believe proactively protecting oral and dental health though daily self-care and professional care at a dental clinic are both necessary. Furthermore, we aim to help consumers maintain a higher level of oral health through self-care based on guidance from dentists and other oral care professionals.
Daily oral care is an important habit that affects lifelong health. Forming healthy oral care habits from a young age is crucial. Lion aims to help enhance overall health and extend healthy life expectancy through oral healthcare at all life stages, from newborns to adults and the elderly. Going forward, we will continue to promote preventive dentistry.

Lion’s Approach to Preventive Dentistry

Activity Policy

Based on the concept of preventive dentistry, Lion implements activities to promote both self-care and professional care at dental clinics. In addition to providing products and services, Lion offers information and educational activities for consumers, seeking to “ReDesign” everyday rituals to become more natural, easy and enjoyable so that people will naturally want to do them.
To further the development of preventive dentistry and formation of related habits, Lion is advancing research in oral health and providing new information that is useful for improving health.