Lion’s Sustainability

Basic Approach

Companies are members of society, and their business activities have an impact on both society and the environment. As such, companies have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society from the perspectives of the environment, society and the economy.
Upholding its founding spirit of “benefiting society through its business activities,” Lion, in addition to pursuing economic development, has long considered its impact on the environment and society and worked to address related issues through its business activities.
Today, “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” is Lion’s management vision. To achieve this vision, Lion is implementing its LIVE Plan Medium-term Management Plan (2018-2020), and advancing management aimed at sustainable social development and business growth. Lion is working to address material issues in its management to reduce risks while seeking to realize healthy minds and bodies for all through the promotion of oral healthcare, cleanliness and hygiene habits.

What is Sustainability?

Lion focuses on sustainability for itself and for the world in terms of environmental, social, and economic factors. A sustainable company is one that considers not only economic development, but also social and environmental impacts as it implements ongoing business activities based on long-term strategy.

Contributing to the Achievement of the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of common goals for 2030 established by the United Nations (UN) aimed at the realization of a sustainable world.
As an advanced daily healthcare company, the Lion Group’s contribution will mainly be to the realization of SDG 3, “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,” through its products and services. At the same time, by pursuing initiatives aimed at accomplishing the LIVE Plan, Lion will contribute to the creation of a sustainable world, the ultimate goal of the SDGs.

Sustainability Management (Implementation Framework)

We believe that growing our business while reducing the burden on the planet contributes to the creation of a sustainable society. In January 2019, the former CSV Management Meeting and Environmental Conservation Committee were integrated to create the Sustainability Promotion Meeting. Comprising all executive directors, including the President, and related departments, the meeting deliberates on and monitors the execution of Company-wide CSV strategy, the Sustainability Material Issues and policy regarding environmental issues.
Matters decided at the Sustainability Promotion Meeting are discussed by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as necessary and then reflected in the business activities of business execution departments. In 2020, objectives for 2030 regarding the Sustainability Material Issues were discussed by the Sustainability Promotion Meeting and approved.

Lion’s Value Creation Model

Since its founding, the Lion Group has worked to address evolving social issues while contributing to the realization of greater health and comfort in everyday life. To this end, in addition to providing products, we have disseminated information and carried out educational activities to actively help consumers create better living habits. To achieve our management vision for 2030, “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company,” we are utilizing our six types of capital and creating products and services in line with the four basic strategies of the LIVE Plan.
Going forward, the Lion Group will strive to generate such social value by helping to realize longer healthy life expectancy, everyday well-being* and environmental sustainability.

* Lion’s use of “well-being” encompasses physical, emotional and social well-being