Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives for 2030

With an eye to achieving its management vision of “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” by 2030 and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of shared global goals for 2030, in 2018 the Lion Group established the Lion Group Sustainability Material Issues. We are working toward objectives based on these issues by the end of 2020.

The Lion Group believes that it is crucial to take a longer-term perspective in order to ensure that it can continue to meet the needs of society and customers and grow its businesses. Accordingly, we have reexamined the material issues the Group will face in the period leading up to 2030 and set new objectives. The 2030 objectives are based on previously identified material issues but aim for a higher level of achievement and set quantitative indicators for evaluating such achievement.

The world today faces enormous social problems, from demographic graying and declining birthrates to climate change, marine plastics and pandemics.

The Lion Group has designated as top-priority material issues “Promoting Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Planet” and “Creating Healthy Living Habits,” the latter of which contributes to the realization of everyday happiness and has been a constant focus of the Group since its founding. We are advancing initiatives aimed at solving social issues through our business activities accordingly.

The Lion Group Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives for 2030

Basic Approach

Through sustainable business activities that adhere to its corporate motto and management philosophy, the Lion Group is working to address the Sustainability Material Issues with the aim of contributing to a healthy future for people and the planet.

The Sustainability Material Issues and 2030 Objectives

Top Priority Material Issue: Promoting Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Planet

In 2019, the Lion Group established the LION Eco Challenge 2050, a set of long-term environmental objectives, to contribute through its business activities to the accomplishment of worldwide goals related to addressing global-scale environmental problems, such as those identified by the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aiming to realize a decarbonized, resource-circulating society, we are putting into practice initiatives aimed at solving issues related to decarbonization, plastics and water resources.

LION Eco Challenge 2050

While striving for business growth, the Lion Group is working to contribute to global environmental sustainability, aiming to realize decarbonized, resource-circulating society by 2050.

  • Through all of its businesses, the Lion Group will address the issues of decarbonization (climate change) and resource circulation (plastics, water resources) to contribute to the realization of a healthy future for people and the planet.
  • By offering products and services based on an environment-conscious design, the Lion Group will reduce the environmental burden attributable to the household use stage of its products’ life cycles.
  • The Lion Group will provide products that contribute naturally to environmental conservation without entailing user inconvenience or sacrifice and promote the formation of eco-friendly living habits by engaging in interactive communication with consumers.


Making Daily Living Environmentally Friendly

eco LION

Through innovation and coordination with diverse stakeholders, the Lion Group aims to provide consumers with products and services that “ReDesign” everyday habits and, through interactive communication, create effortless ways for consumers to be more environmentally friendly just by living comfortably. We hope to expand these endeavors from the individual lifestyle to the local community and global levels.

Related SDGs

Related SDGs

Top Priority Material Issue: Creating Healthy Living Habits

For more than a century, the Lion Group has been carrying out educational activities aimed at spreading healthy oral care habits. Today, these activities extend beyond Japan to other Asian countries. In line with the Group’s purpose, the “ReDesign” of everyday rituals, we are now launching ambitious new initiatives to help create healthy living habits for even more people by working to solve issues ranging from the personal to the societal.

Related SDGs

Related SDGs