Research on Cross-Modal Perception Effects Between Fabric Softener Fragrance and Container Color

In recent years, consumer expectations regarding the fragrances of fabric softener have been especially high. Lion’s researchers constantly monitor the latest fragrance trends as they develop new fragrances. However, for consumers to experience a fragrance that will provide enhanced satisfaction, we first have to get them to select the product while shopping. We therefore turned our attention to fabric softener purchasing behavior, surveying women between the ages of 25 and 54 to investigate the relationship between fabric softener fragrance and container design. As a result, we found that consistency between fabric softener fragrances and container color exhibits a cross-modal effect, in which human olfactory and visual perceptions impact one another. Cross-modal perception is increasingly studied in neuroscience to gain a better understanding of the large-scale and long-term properties of the human brain.
We now apply these research results in our product development to help stimulate customers’ desire to purchase our products.
In 2019, these research results were presented at Pangborn 2019, an international sensory science symposium held in Scotland, under the title “Verifying the interactive effects of fragrance and color for improving values of the fabric softener.”

R&D Case Study