Fragrance Policy

Our Thoughts

At Lion, we are carrying out corporate activities in order to fulfill our purpose, “Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign.” We believe that the future of healthcare is about working together with consumers to create and evolve better habits that contribute to healthy lifestyles.
We hope that using our products in your everyday life makes your daily routine more positive and enjoyable. Through the fragrance of our products, we want to contribute to everyday living by making people feel relaxed, refreshed and a little happier.
To this end, we design fragrances based on Lion’s long-standing consumer research and reflecting the beliefs and concepts behind each of our products. We work closely with fragrance manufacturers in the development of our products.
A number of fragrances are reputed to impart a relaxing and refreshing effect. We are deepening our understanding of these functions and applying this knowledge to the development of products for people living in modern society.

Approach to Fragrance and Flavor Development

When developing fragrances, we use multiple ingredients. In selecting these ingredients, our criteria for consideration include the quality and diffusion of the fragrance and flavor in addition to the safety of each ingredient for people and the environment.
The fragrance ingredients we use comply with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards, fragrance safety standards that are used globally. In addition, we adhere to the regulations of the regions in which we manufacture and sell our products and constantly collect the latest safety data to ensure that the fragrances we use are optimal. In accordance with our Quality Policy, we confirm the safety of all our products so that everyone can use them with peace of mind.

Information Disclosure

Our approach to fragrance development is described on our website and presented along with thoughts from our developers. In accordance with industry guidelines, we disclose information on the fragrance ingredients in our detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners that account for more than 0.01% of our products on our website so that consumers are aware of what ingredients are used in our products.

In accordance with this policy, Lion will continue to contribute to the creation of better habits for everyone.

Request to Users of Our Products

Every person perceives fragrance differently. We hope that you will enjoy the fragrance of our products in addition to their functions while being considerate to those around you regarding the way you use said products. Thank you for your cooperation.