Together with the EnvironmentEvents, Websites, and Building Relationships with Communities and External Organizations

Events and Websites

Through participation in environmental exhibitions and other channels, Lion seeks to communicate to consumers ways they can be more environmentally friendly both in the course of daily life and through comfortable, clean living using Lion products.In 2022, Lion exhibited at the GOOD LIFE Fair 2022 and SDGs AICHI EXPO 2022 , introducing water-saving ideas that can be applied in our daily lives through Lion products and how they can also help prevent global warming. Furthermore, we implement educational programs for the next generation to foster environmentally friendly habits.

Virtual exhibition

Our booth exhibited at EcoPro 2021 is re-enacted with 360° images. Users can learn about our various activities to realize a resource-recycling society through employee explanation and links to the website.

Building Relationships with Communities and External Organizations

Lion participates in the activities of the Japan Chemical Industry Association Responsible Care (RC) Committee, which aims for constant improvement in the environmental performance and safety of chemical substances throughout their life cycles, from development through disposal.

Responsible Care* Activities at the Chiba and Osaka Plants

As a member company of the Japan Chemical Industry Association RC Committee, Lion proactively engages in dialogue with local communities. Each plant provides opportunities for dialogue suited to the characteristics of its local community to promote communication with community members.

12th annual Sakai/Senboku responsible care community dialogue meeting held in February 2020

The 13th Responsible Care Sakai/Senboku Regional Dialogue was held in February 2022 via written communication in the form of booklets to curb the spread of COVID-19. Booklets were distributed with information supplied by the Osaka Plant, which summarized the corporate activities undertaken in the Sakai and Senboku districts. The booklet was mailed to neighborhood associations, governments, NPOs, and other organizations included a survey to collect opinions. In the future, as we continuously work toward improvement, we plan to take the survey's findings into consideration.

In addition, the 14th Responsible Care Chiba Regional Dialogue took place in February 2023 and followed the same written communication in the form of booklets.
Booklets were distributed and from the initial stages of the planning process, the Chiba Plant participated and cooperated in the discussions. Neighborhood associations, municipalities, NPOs, and others received a booklet highlighting the SDGs initiatives of businesses in the Chiba area, and feedback was gathered via the included survey. The gathered feedback will be implemented in our future endeavors.

Moreover, in May 2017, the Chiba Plant received the 11th Responsible Care Award from the Japan Chemical Industry Association for its initiatives to protect the aquatic environment and contribute to the local community. Since the start of its operations, the Chiba Plant has continuously implemented activities to protect the aquatic environment from water-related risks. The plant’s efforts to purify industrial water for various applications, recycle wastewater used in industrial processes and manage wastewater according to standards stricter than those required by law have led to reductions in water usage and discharge volumes and the conservation of water quality. The award also praised the plant for providing education about the importance of water through initiatives with local children and plant tours.

11th Responsible Care Award Plaque
from the Japan Chemical Industry Association

* Responsible care refers to voluntary management activities performed by companies that handle chemical substances, encompassing the assurance of protections for the environment, safety and health throughout all processes of product manufacturing, distribution, use, final consumption, disposal and recycling as well as the disclosure of the results of such activities and dialogue with society.

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