ESG Data and Third-Party Verification

Conducting Third-Party Verification (Environment)

To ensure the transparency and accuracy of its environmental data, the Lion Group obtains third-party verification opinions regarding data on its greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2 and Scope 3 some categories), energy consumption, and water withdrawal and discharge from SGS Japan Inc. Most recently, the Group obtained third-party opinions regarding its environmental data for 2022.

Going forward, we will seek to put third-party opinions to good use and enhance accuracy.

Verification Opinion 1
Verification Opinion 2
Verification Opinion
Verification Opinion(PDF:750KB)

Conducting Third Party Verification (Society)

To ensure the transparency and accuracy of Lion’s social data (rate of occupational accidents, number of deaths due to occupational accidents, and average compensation ratio between men and women), the Company has undergone third-party verification by SGS Japan Inc. The results of this verification are disclosed on the Lion website. Going forward, we will enhance the reliability of this data by expanding the scope of verification. In addition, we will utilize third-party verification and work continuously to improve accuracy.

Verification written opinion P1
Verification written opinion P2
Verification written opinion
Verification opinion(PDF:3.85MB)