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Oral Science

Eating, speaking, laughing—these and other functions of the mouth are crucial to our ability to live comfortably and enjoyably. Lion’s oral science research goes back more than a century. Aiming to improve consumers’ quality of life (QOL), we continue to build on this wealth of knowledge with research in such areas as non-destructive methods of treating dental caries, ways to reduce gingival inflammation based on molecular cytology, and the suppression of bacterial growth using proprietary biofilm models. In recent years, Lion has also partnered with external research institutions to elucidate the influence that conditions in the oral cavity have on the body’s overall health through joint research. By combining a wide range of technologies from in and outside the Lion Group, chiefly in the area of oral science, we strive to create new value through products ranging from those for oral care to food and pharmaceuticals.

R&D Case Study—Oral Science

External Presentation—Oral Science

  • Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry (2019)

    Clinical research on plaque removal efficacy of "New child's Toothbrush" which is mainly composed of soft materials

  • American Society of Human Genetics (2019)

    Direct-to-consumer genetic testing data identified the possible risk markers associated with the oral cavity health among Japanese subjects.

  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR) (2019)

    A New Method to Speculate Halitosis Level Using Machine Learning

  • Journal of the Japanese Society of Periodontology (2019)

    Lactoferrin Promotes Proliferation and Wound Healing of Human Gingival Fibroblasts —in vitro study

  • Scientific Reports (2019)

    Comparison of oral bacterial profiles in stimulated and unstimulated saliva, tongue, and mouth-rinsed water.

  • Scientific Reports (2019)

    A thin layer of sucrose octasulfate protects the oesophageal mucosal epithelium in reflux esophagitis