Establishing Cleanliness and Hygiene Habits


Since the 1890s, Lion has implemented educational activities aimed at spreading the practice of washing with soaps and detergents. Furthermore, since the 1990s, when group infections through food poisoning came to be seen as a social problem in Japan, Lion has advanced the unique concept that washing with antibacterial hand soap can be fun, promoting the formation of proper hand washing habits alongside its products.

We can work together to keep germs and viruses off of us and keep from bringing them into the places we live, work and play. The first step is to wash our hands and gargle as soon as we get home.

To help realize healthy living for all, Lion seeks to help firmly establish basic habits like these. Lion has long carried out activities to this end in Japan and across Asia.

Activity Policy

To establish cleanliness and hygiene habits, Lion’s policy is to foster proper habits that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. In addition to fostering proper cleanliness and hygiene habits in everyday life with a focus on children, Lion promotes hand cleanliness care that can be practiced when there is insufficient water for washing and the establishment of cleanliness and hygiene practices for food service professionals, such as those working at restaurants and hotels. In doing so, we seek to go to consumers where they are, partnering with local communities, including government bodies and schools, to advance employee-led activities together.


Establishing Proper Cleanliness and Hygiene Habits: Employee Participation

Lion implements activities to promote proper hand washing habits, mainly with the KireiKirei brand, aiming to realize everyday health and comfort for consumers. We carry out activities to promote proper hand washing habits as part of junior employee training. Every year, around 100 junior employees work in teams to teach children at kindergartens and preschools around Japan the importance of hand washing.

Lion aims for all current employees to have participated in activities to promote good hand washing habits by 2050. From 2012 to 2020, 1,234 employees participated (cumulative participation rate 39.5%). Over this period, approximately 35,500 preschoolers participated in these activities.

Furthermore, we are helping increase awareness among employees through activities in coordination with retailers and by incorporating activities to promote proper hand washing habits at kindergartens and preschools into the training of junior employees.

Percentage of All Current Employees That Have Participated in Activities to Promote Proper Hand Washing Habits

Preschoolers and Faculty Participating in Activities to Promote Proper Hand Washing Habits
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
5,800 6,700 6,200 5,900 4,000 500

Cumulative total since 2012: Approx. 35,500

Establishing Proper Cleanliness and Hygiene Habits: Promotion through Our Businesses

The KireiKirei brand is implementing the Germ-Fighting Project as part of efforts to enable healthy living for all.

This project seeks to make everyday hand washing more fun. For example, one activity has participants create one-of-kind personalized KireiKirei hand soap bottles, and another involves promoting a week-long hand washing challenge for preschools and elementary schools. Through these and other activities, the project is promoting the formation of proper hand washing and gargling habits.

Washing for at least 30 seconds is fundamental to the effective removal of viruses and germs from the hands. We are implementing fun activities to help foster proper habits like this even among small children.

Establishing Proper Cleanliness and Hygiene Habits: Local Communities

We are promoting proper  hand washing habits at kindergartens, preschools and public facilities, mainly in areas across Japan where Lion facilities are located as well as in Ishinomaki City (Miyagi Prefecture), which was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and an area closely connected to our founder, and Sakaide City (Kagawa Prefecture), where KireiKirei Hand Soap is manufactured.

Specifically, we have been promoting proper hand washing habits at kindergartens and preschools in Ishinomaki City as part of support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake since 2012. Since 2015, junior employees at Lion’s Sendai Office (also in Miyagi Prefecture) have taken part in these activities as part of their training.

Lion began marketing KireiKirei hand soaps overseas in 2005. Today, in addition to Japan, the brand is sold in Lion Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd., Lion Corporation (Korea), Lion Daily Necessities Chemicals (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Lion Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd. and Lion Home Products (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. In each company, alongside the provision of products, The Lion Group carries out activities to promote the formation of cleanliness and hygiene habits, aiming to increase awareness of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • *Ai! Kekute (literally, Oh! Clean!) is a hand soap brand marketed by Lion Corporation (Korea).

Lion Group’s Social Contribution Activities

Hygiene and Health Care in Times of Disaster

In times of disaster, living in evacuation shelters, a limited water supply and other factors can increase hygiene-related risks in daily life, so keeping clean and taking care to stay healthy are extra important. In particular, maintaining oral hygiene and health—which is connected to one’s overall health—is crucial.

Lion has published a pamphlet covering oral and hand hygiene and health care in times of disaster as well as ways of preparing for such situations. In addition to providing information about hygiene and health in times of disaster, Lion participates in disaster readiness and other events around Japan to promote awareness and good practices.

Hygiene and Health Care in Times of Disaster

“Hygiene and Health Care in Times of Disaster” pamphlet

Disaster Readiness Events

Hand Hygiene Management for Professionals

Professionals who handle food, be it in restaurants, hotels, food product factories or other industries, all want to provide the best service possible so that their customers will enjoy their food with peace of mind, have a good time, and make great memories.

Lion Hygiene Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive hygiene management company, helps create clean, safe and hygienic environments through products, hygiene assessments and other forms of support based on scientific insights in order to help food service professionals make their vision a reality. In particular, the foundation of hygiene management for professionals who handle food is thorough hand washing. As part of support efforts, Lion Hygiene provides hygiene management information that is important for such professionals, including not only hand washing techniques, but key points about hand washing timing and facilities, among other topics, through “Hygiene Tayori” fliers issued four times a year.

* “Hygiene Tayori” fliers offering hygiene management information

Supporting Hand Hygiene Management by Professionals
(Lion Hygiene Co., Ltd.) [Japanese]

AI/IoT Cleanliness and Hygiene Initiatives