Health and Productivity Management


When employees act on their own initiative with a high level of health awareness to acquire sound health habits, it not only serves to maintain and improve their health, but helps them achieve personal growth and professional and personal fulfillment. This, in turn, serves to enhance corporate productivity and creativity and expand opportunities for Lion to contribute to society through sustainable growth.



Lion believes that the health of employees is the management foundation underlying sound corporate growth. In line with this belief and in pursuit of its management vision, “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company,” the Company works in close coordination with employees and the Lion Health Insurance Society to support the formation of healthy habits in such areas as improving lifestyles, oral heath, mental health, cancer prevention and anti-smoking, based on the Guidelines for Health, with the goal of realizing healthy minds and bodies for all.

Guidelines for Health

“Life. Love.” This slogan is about cherishing life. At Lion, we want to help make lives better every day. Maintaining health is the first, most fundamental step in putting this desire into action.

The health of a company’s employees, its first partners, is the cornerstone of the happiness and wellbeing of said employees and their families. At the same time, it is also fundamental to the sound growth of the company itself. With management and employees actively working together to maintain and improve health, we aim to create a healthy, lively corporate environment that helps improve the lives of each individual every day.

To achieve this aim while complying with relevant laws and regulations and giving due consideration to privacy, Lion promotes health management activities according to the following guidelines.

  1. Improve Health Management Abilities

    Understanding that each employee is responsible for managing their own health, Lion shall provide support to help improve individuals’ health management abilities through ongoing health management activities at the organizational level.
  2. Create Pleasant Workplaces

    Lion shall work to ensure the health of its employees by creating pleasant workplaces where employees can work in safety and confidence. The Company shall always give due consideration to employees’ health so that they can carry out their duties with vigor.
  3. Promote Future-Oriented Activities

    Lion shall utilize its unique insight and expertise to strategically promote future-oriented health management activities, from oral hygiene to overall physical health.

Established January 2012
Lion Corporation

Implementation Framework

Lion aims to promote health and vitality throughout the Company. To this end, the officer responsible for Company-wide health and productivity management (the director of the Human Resources Development Center) oversees general health management, while the Health Support Office, the Lion Health Insurance Society, the individuals responsible for health and productivity management at each office and industrial health staff (industrial physicians, health nurses, etc.) coordinate to promote organizational health management.

Health Support Offices

Health support offices have been set up at each of Lion’s 11 domestic operating sites. At these offices, industrial health staff carry out health and productivity management operations. Each health support office coordinates with the Health Support Office at Lion’s headquarters to manage such operations and implement measures aimed at improving health.
The Headquarters Health Support Office formulates Company-wide health management policy, basic plans and annual plans, and coordinates the implementation of plans and gathering of related data.

Health Maintenance Promotion Committee

The officer responsible for Company-wide health and productivity management (the director of the Human Resources Development Center), along with representatives from the Health Support Office and the Lion Health Insurance Society hold regular joint meetings as the Health Maintenance Promotion Committee to discuss Company-wide health management issues and measures.

Health Management Framework

Recognized as a White 500 Company under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program

For the four consecutive years since 2017, Lion has been recognized as a White 500 company under the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program. This program recognizes enterprises engaging in outstanding efforts to promote health and productivity management based on initiatives to overcome health-related challenges in communities or the promotion of health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Going forward, Lion will continue to reinforce its health and productivity management.


Health Management Program—Mental, Physical and Awareness

For ease of understanding how each initiative fits into the program as a whole, we have broken down our health management program into three categories: mental, physical and awareness (awareness of self-directed health management). In each category, we are advancing health management measures for employees tailored by age group.

Health Management Program Overview

Campaign to encourage the use of professional care Online anti-smoking support program Division results analysis feedback/workplace improvement Health checkup follow-up interviews Encourage employees to get additional examinations for items flagged in their health checkup results/Health guidance In-depth specialist examination subsidy program Preventive dentistry program (All Lion Health Activity ALOHA) Information dissemination (individual health checkup results access, website, emails, posters, internal newsletters) Health checkups/dental checkups Stress level checks

Lion-Style Health Support—“GENKI” Action


“GENKI” Action

We are implementing Lion-style health support, “GENKI” Action, to promote the formation of healthy habits. The concept behind “GENKI” Action initiatives is to “ReDesign” employees’ health-related habits to be more natural, easy and enjoyable. Through these initiatives, we are working to raise employees’ health awareness and provide support for self-directed preventive activities.

Lion-Style Health Support “GENKI” Action

Key Measures

1. Clearly laying out current and future lifestyle-related disease risk

We plan to implement an individual health information system that clearly lays out each employee’s health-related data, such as that from health checkups, dental checkups and saliva tests, and make such data easy to access by that individual.

2. Fostering preventive dentistry habits

We aim for all employees to practice preventive dentistry. We are implementing a range of initiatives, such as subsidizing the cost of receiving professional care, recommending dentists and directly contacting high-risk individuals.

3. Reinforcing countermeasures for three common types of cancer*

We have established a voluntary screening system aimed at early detection and treatment.

* Lung, stomach and colon cancers

4. Reinforcing Anti-Smoking Initiatives

We are advancing support, including creating facilitative environments, for employees who want to quit smoking. We have an online antismoking support program, and, beginning in January 2020, have banned smoking during work hours. Through such efforts, we are working to reduce the smoking rate among employees.

Individualized Health Information System


Lion established the Mental Health Basic Policy in 2004, and continually and systematically promotes mental care for employees based on the Guidelines for Maintaining and Improving Mental Health of Workers.

Mental Health Initiatives (Four Types of Care)


Stress Level Checks
Since 2006, before the amendment of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Lion has been providing stress level checks for employees to assist them in their own self-care. In 2019, 98.0% of all employees underwent stress level checks.

Stress Level Check Testing
Tested employees Test rate
2015 3,756 97.9%
2016 3,812 97.0%
2017 4,267 96.3%
2018 4,331 99.0%
2019 4,328 98.0%

Mental Health Care Education as Part of Level-Specific Training
As part of annual level-specific training for all employees, industrial health staff give lectures about the importance of mental self-care and related techniques.

②Care via Line-of-Command

Aiming to create workplaces that foster health and vitality by enhancing workplace communication and conditions, Lion is working to reduce employee stress. Furthermore, employees experiencing mental health difficulties are handled on an individual basis. Depending on the circumstances, a key person within the organization and the supervisor of the organization work together to consult with the employee.
When an employee returns to work after leave due to mental health difficulties, we hold a support meeting that includes the organization’s supervisor and a designated key person in order to minimize the employee’s unease and burden and facilitate a smooth return to work. Furthermore, as part of workplace environment improvement initiatives under the stress level check system, we hold an annual meeting on mental health countermeasures, providing support for the key persons of each office in their efforts to reduce workplace stress and create vibrant, healthy work environments.

③Care by Internal Industrial Health Staff

We have set up a consultation system with adequate consideration given to ensuring privacy so that employees can feel at ease asking for advice about issues or concerns they may have.
At the Health Support Office, Lion’s supervising industrial physician, an industrial health nurse and a psychiatrist are available for consultation. We have also set up a help desk with a career counselor.
Furthermore, we provide consultations in line with each employee’s individual health conditions, including feedback after health checkups and health consultations after stress level checks. We conduct interviews with all new hires three months after they are assigned to their specific divisions. Through such efforts, we strive to ensure proper mental health care.

④Care by External Specialists

Following consultations at the Health Support Office, employees may be referred for external counseling or medical treatment. We maintain agreements with external institutions so that employees can easily consult with such institutions over the phone or receive counseling.


Every year, we provide both health and dental checkups for all employees. The items covered by these checkups exceed the legal requirements for such checkups.
In 2019, 100% of employees received health checkups.

Health Checkup Items for Specific Needs

  • In-depth checkups: For employees age 40 or above. 21 legally required items + 11 additional items.
  • Gynecological examinations: Age-specific examination items.
  • Prostate cancer (PSA) examinations: For men age 50 and above.
  • Dental checkups: For all employees. Dental hygienists provide health guidance. Includes health guidance from a dental hygienist.

When an employee’s checkup results indicate that they require further examination, we strongly encourage them to get such examination and provide individual guidance.

Preventive Dentistry Program (ALOHA)

Since the 1970s, Lion has provided in-house dental checkups as an initiative to help protect employees’ dental and oral health. Since 2002, we have carried out such dental health checkups for all employees every year with help from the Lion Foundation for Dental Health (LDH) under an initiative called All Lion Oral Health Activity (ALOHA). Furthermore, since 2016, we have provided oral healthcare information via our e-learning system (L-navi) and adopted the Salivary Multi Test (SMT) , which can rapidly measure patients’ risk of cavities and gum disease and oral cleanliness using a saliva sample (these checkups constitute professional care, i.e. preventive dentistry implemented by dentistry specialists). We also provide oral health guidance utilizing intraoral cameras.

Through these and other initiatives, we strive to increase awareness of prevention in oral healthcare and foster healthy behavior among employees.

In-Depth Specialist Examination Subsidy Program

Lion offers a subsidy program for screenings aimed at the early detection of certain conditions for which risk increases with age, such as cancer and cerebrovascular disease. We actively encourage employees age 50 and above, who are at higher risk of developing such conditions, to undergo screenings. In 2018, in additional to in-depth cerebral and lung examinations, we added gastroendoscopy and large intestine endoscopy to the range of screenings covered. This program was not provided in 2019, due to the transition to “GENKI” Action. In 2020, we are expanding the range of cancer screenings under the program (lung, stomach and colon cancers).

Reinforced Age-Specific Cancer Screening from 2020 Onward

Anti-Smoking Initiatives

Lion proactively provides support for employees who want to quit smoking. Efforts to this end include guidance on quitting from health nurses and referrals to smoking cessation outpatient clinics. In 2018, we also launched an online anti-smoking support program that employees can access from their computers, smartphones or tablets to receive online examinations from a doctor.
Furthermore, beginning in January 2020, we have banned smoking during work hours. Through such efforts, we are striving to reduce the smoking rate among employees.

Employee Smoking Rate (Non-Consolidated)



We are reinforcing age-specific measures designed to reflect the timing of changes in the body and working to strengthen awareness of self-directed health management.


Intranet Health Diary

To encourage greater awareness of self-directed health management, we provide a “health diary” section on the Company intranet where employees can find their own health checkup data and useful health-related information. Employees can see changes in their own health data for the past ten years illustrated in graphs.

Practicing Preventive Dentistry (Encouraging Professional Care)

Lion is proactively promoting preventive dentistry both within the Company and externally. In line with the belief that it is important that employees practice preventive dentistry, we offer limited-time financial incentives for receiving professional care to spur employees to find a primary care dental clinic where they can receive regular professional oral care. In 2019, 1,154 employees used these incentives.

Lion Employee Preventive Dentistry Data


Employees Who Brush Their Teeth After Lunch

Employees Who See Toothbrushing* as Highly Important

*Employees who brush at least twice a day for at least three minutes

Employees Who Use Dental Floss

*Fiscal 2014 comprehensive oral care survey (women ages 20–59)

Employees Who Use Interdental Brushes

*Fiscal 2014 comprehensive oral care survey (women ages 20–59)

Professional Care

Employees Who Received Professional Care at a Dental Clinic During the Year*

*Employees who went for regular cleanings at dental clinics during the year (excludes employees undergoing treatment)

Employee Oral Health Data

Proportion of Employees Suffering from Gum Disease

Average Number of Cavities Per Person

*2016 Odontopathy Survey (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) Ages 20–59

Average Number of Teeth Removed Per Person

*2016 Odontopathy Survey (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) Ages 20–59