Message from Management

Our Management Vision: “Becoming an Advanced Daily Healthcare Company”

Itsuo Hama CEO and Masazumi Kikukawa COO

(Left)Itsuo Hama

Representative Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Chief Executive Officer

(Right)Masazumi Kikukawa

Representative Director, President and Executive Officer,
Chief Operating Officer

Lion’s Roots

Since Lion’s founding in 1891 as T. Kobayashi & Co., its mission of “benefitting society through business activities” has remained unchanging. In Oral Care Products, Lion launched Lion Toothpowder in 1896. Customers loved the product’s high quality and affordable price, and within a few years, the Company became a leading toothpaste manufacturer. Lion went on to develop a wide range of ways to engage with consumers, such as establishing Japan’s first dental clinic for children, helping to train dental hygienists, and holding the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children to teach effective tooth brushing techniques. These are just some of the ways Lion has continually deepened its understanding into the ways people live. The insights gained have allowed us to respond to diverse needs and thereby contribute to the development of oral care in Japan.

New Issues in Recent Years

However, we are now faced with unprecedented conditions, including the global threat of the novel coronavirus, and the environment surrounding Lion is changing rapidly. In Japan, demographic graying has caused medical expenses to balloon into a serious social problem, making prevention and the establishment of healthy living habits more important than ever.
At the same time, in Asia, while economic development has led to growing awareness of health and needs related to creating comfortable and hygienic living environments, wide-ranging challenges remain in many countries and regions.

Realizing Healthy Minds and Bodies for All

In light of these circumstances, we have established “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” as the Lion Group’s management vision for 2030. “Advanced daily healthcare” indicates our approach to providing value by contributing to the realization of healthy minds and bodies for all. Continuously contributing through products and services to the creation of societies in which people across Asia, including Japan, can live each day with positivity and comfort is the core of the Lion Group’s mission, and will be the key to growth going forward.
Living habits like tooth brushing, hand washing or doing laundry impart a rhythm to life and are important to maintaining a healthy mind and body, as well as to making every day bright and enjoyable. By creating customer experience-based value in the areas of health, comfort and cleanliness, we aim to “ReDesign” everyday rituals to be more natural, easy and enjoyable. Based on this commitment, we are working to realize healthy minds and bodies for all.
For example, we developed HAGUKI CHECKER, an online service that uses AI to check the state of users’ teeth and gums based on photos they take with their smartphones. Through initiatives like this, we are creating technologies and services that “ReDesign” everyday rituals and thereby help extend healthy life expectancy and ensure everyday well-being.

Reinforcing Our Foundations to Achieve the Management Vision

To achieve the management vision, creating dynamism in our human resources, organizations and corporate culture will be indispensable. One of the strategies of the LION Value Evolution Plan (LIVE Plan) medium-term management plan is to foster corporate strength that will win out over global competition. To increase each employee’s enthusiasm and develop people who will create new value, we launched the Lion Professional Fulfillment Reforms in 2019. This initiative is aimed at fostering corporate innovation based on the three pillars of health, work style and enabling diverse human resources to succeed.
Through such efforts, we will continue to meet society’s expectations while contributing to healthier, better living. By doing so, we will build a solid position as an advanced daily healthcare company.

Itsuo Hama

Representative Director,
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Chief Executive Officer

Masazumi Kikukawa

Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer,
Chief Operating Officer