Antipyretic Analgesic Development Based on Customer Needs

Menstrual pain accounts for more than 20% of OTC antipyretic analgesic use. Lion is constantly advancing research related to such drugs, particularly seeking to meet the needs of women in their 20s, who commonly say that they want quick pain relief.

Determining the Active Ingredient Content

Pain that originates at the peripheries of the body travels as information to the brain, which then processes the information and “feels” it as pain. Menstrual pain begins when high levels of prostaglandin generated in the uterine lining during a woman’s menstrual period cause the smooth muscle of the uterus to forcefully contract while strongly stimulating the peripheral nerves, which transmit pain signals. This stimulus is transmitted up the central nerves until it reaches the cerebral cortex, where it is registered as lower abdominal or stomach pain.
In its development of antipyretic analgesics, Lion has leveraged two active ingredients that have different points of action to provide quick, effective relief from menstrual pain. Ibuprofen acts on the peripheral nerves, where the pain signals originate, while acetaminophen suppresses the transmission of pain signals through the central nerves. Lion examined the efficacy of multiple formulas, combining various active ingredients in different ways. As a result, we found that a 1:1 ratio of ibuprofen and acetaminophen produced a strong pain relief effect while reducing the risk of stomach disorders that can arise as a side effect of such drugs.
Lion has also conducted research on auxiliary ingredients, including allylisopropyl acetylurea (a sedative), which is effective against feelings of irritability and gloominess, caffeine (a secondary analgesic ingredient) and dehydrated aluminum hydroxide gel (to protect the gastric mucosa).
Lion’s pharmaceutical product development is aimed at delivering useful OTC drugs by scientifically examining the effects of drug formulations from various angles and combining technologies for designing highly effective and safe combinations of active ingredients with advanced drug manufacturing technologies. Going forward, Lion will continue to utilize these technologies to advance R&D aimed at helping customers enjoy comfortable, healthy living.

R&D Case Study