Taking a Scientific Approach to Create a Better Cold Medicine

Using Non-Standard Ingredients with Superior Antipyretic and Analgesic Effects

Lion’s BUFFERIN is an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine formulated with ingredients classified in Japan as non-standard OTC ingredients.
OTC medicines are medicines that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. In Japan, these drugs are available at pharmacies and drug stores. Some OTC drug ingredients are classified in Japan as non-standard OTC ingredients, meaning that they are not included in the list of standard OTC drugs for manufacture and sale designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Such ingredients are often used in medicines for their superior effectiveness.
The ingredients used in BUFFERIN series of cold medicines—ibuprofen, clemastine fumarate and bromhexine hydrochloride—are all classified as non-standard OTC drug ingredients.

Quick Melt Technology Helps Ibuprofen Dissolve Rapidly

Ibuprofen is effective in treating acute fevers and sore throats but has the downside of being slow to dissolve in gastric fluid. To solve this problem, Lion developed a proprietary manufacturing process called Quick Melt Technology.
In this process, ibuprofen is crushed with a cellulose derivative into 10-μm particles to increase its contact area with digestive fluids in the stomach.
To make this powder even more soluble in gastric fluid, Lion developed a technology for modifying its surface properties by coating the surface of the ibuprofen particles with hydrophilic polymers.
Quick Melt Technology makes ibuprofen, one of the active ingredients in BUFFERIN, dissolve quickly.

R&D Case Study