Research & Development

Products offering new value are created through
coordination between R&D divisions and
a range of other departments and by combining
the results of our research with feedback from customers.

Our R&D

In our R&D activities, we aim to provide value by realizing healthy minds and
bodies for all through the “ReDesign” of everyday living to be more natural,
easy and enjoyable.

Our Research

In order to realize the “ReDesign of Lifestyle Habits,” we must not only continue to enhance the functionality and value of our various products, but seek out new perspectives and technologies.
In addition to our accumulated fundamental technological capabilities, we are expanding our research into new areas, such as Affective Science and Engineering and psychology, seeking to continually take on ambitious, forward-looking new initiatives as we fearlessly pursue change and embrace the future.

Production Engineering Research

Research related to production engineering that support Lion’s manufacturing operations

Taking on New Research Fields