Overseas Roll Out of Ultra-Thin Head, Slim Neck Toothbrushes Developed in Japan

Systema SUPER Thin Toothbrushes (Thailand)

Consumers in Thailand tend to think of products made in Japan as innovative and technologically advanced. These consumers also see value in toothbrushes that are soft and can reach all corners of the mouth, such as around the molars. In light of these factors, we developed the Systema SUPER Thin toothbrushes, featuring the ultra-thin head and slim neck technologies used in Lion toothbrushes sold in Japan. These toothbrushes are now being sold not only in Thailand, but seven countries, including China and South Korea.

  • image

    Ultra Compact head

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    Regular head

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    Compact head with charcoal-infused bristles


R&D Case Study—Global Research Activities