Super-Tapered Bristle Toothbrushes for Periodontal Pocket Care

Toothbrushes with super-tapered bristles, such as Lion’s Dentor Systema toothbrushes, make it possible to remove biofilm from the periodontal pocket between the teeth and gums through daily brushing. Toothbrushes with thin and flexible super-tapered bristle tips can reach inside the periodontal pocket to clean out biofilm that is hard to remove using conventional toothbrushes. Furthermore, we analyzed the stress put on gums by different types of toothbrush bristle using the finite element method (FEM).* This analysis revealed that super-tapered bristles cause less stress to gums, making it possible to brush with minimal pain.


  • Finite element method (FEM)

The finite element method is a simulation technique for calculating where the force applied to an object is borne and how it deforms the object.
In FEM, the analysis object is defined as an assembly of basic shapes (such as quadrilaterals or tetrahedrons). By calculating the behavior of each shape, an approximation of the entire phenomenon can be found.
At Lion, FEM is used in various analyses, such as drop impact analysis and compressive strength analysis during container design, contributing to the reduction of resin use.

R&D Case Study