Overseas Roll Out of Super Thin Head, Slim Neck Toothbrushes Developed in Japan

SYSTEMA Super Thin toothbrushes for overseas markets, which utilize thin head and slim neck technology, are widely sold in China and other Asian countries, and are highly evaluated for ease of use for brushing the back teeth. In recent years, based on Japan’s impressive technological capabilities, we have been developing localized products to meet consumer preferences in various countries.

SYSTEMA Wide Super Thin Charcoal Toothbrushes (China)

In recent years, demand for wide head toothbrushes has grown in China. However, wide heads generally require more space in the mouth and present usability problems. Lion has combined a wide head with its proprietary thin-head technology to ensure ease of handling in the oral cavity while enabling the removal of plaque from all tooth surfaces.
Chinese consumers place importance on the efficiency of plaque removal as well as aesthetic appeal and image. Based on extensive discussions with local marketing staff and researchers to determine preferred levels of brushingcomfort and appearance, we engaged in an iterative prototyping process. The resulting product combines four types of bristles in each brush, a specification that simultaneously provides bristles to fit all gaps in the teeth to efficiently remove plaque while also creating an impactful appearance. In addition, natural materials such as charcoal and volcanic mud have been infused into some of the bristles of one model to appeal to those seeking organic products. Four wide head models are offered in the SYSTEMA Wide Super Thin Series that customers can choose in accordance with their oral condition and bristle hardness preference.

Ultra Compact head
Ultra Compact head
Regular head
Regular head
Compact head Charcoal
Compact head with charcoal-infused bristles

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