Collaborating with Local Researchers to Formulate Products in Line with Local Needs

POISE Day Cream and Face Washes (Indonesia)

In Indonesia, economic growth in recent years has driven the steady expansion of the beauty care market. In an effort enter the facial care market, Lion stationed researchers from Japan in Indonesia, where they worked with researchers of P.T. LION WINGS, a Lion affiliate, to develop new products.

Dermatological research focused on Indonesians found that, compared with consumers in Japan, these consumers, living in hot, humid regions, more often confront problems related to the weakening of the skin’s natural barrier functions and with sunlight-related aging. In addition, surveys of facial care behaviors found that local consumers prefer face washes that foam well and provide a well-moisturized feeling and pick creams that are not sticky and are brightening. We advanced product development in line with local consumer preferences based on these findings, leading to the release of POISE skin tone balancing creams and face washes for the Indonesian facial care market.

Surveys of skin conditions in Indonesia

In-store displays

R&D Case Study—Global Research Activities