Our Research : Production Technology

Process Technologies

Once developed, new raw materials and products must be industrially produced before they can reach consumers. Lion’s Production Engineering Research Center conducts production technology research to connect developmental research with production. To produce high-quality raw materials and products efficiently and at low cost, we constantly strive to improve our production technologies, incorporating the most advanced technologies and applying insights and technologies from fields that include chemical engineering, materials science and interface science.

In recent years, we have developed manufacturing processes for new surfactants and various detergents that employ said surfactants with particular emphasis on environmental friendliness. Lion’s anionic surfactant alpha-methyl ester sulfonate (MES), produced from high-purity methyl ester, and the new non-ionic surfactant methyl ester ethoxylate (MEE) feature excellent detergency and biodegradability and are produced from plant-based ingredients. As such, their use is expected to expand, and we are advancing research aimed at further improving their manufacturing processes.

R&D Case Study

External Presentation—Process Technology

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    化学メーカーが取り組む流体解析基盤技術の展開 その2:流動層および液面付攪拌槽の検証 (Japanese only)

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