Next-Generation Policy

Basic Policy

Contribute to the generation of innovation as the growth engine for becoming an advanced daily healthcare company

Lion’s R&D aims to create innovation for daily living through the “ReDesign” of everyday rituals by developing products and services that contribute to the health, comfort and cleanliness of customers and help achieve “healthy minds and bodies for all.”


Research aimed at extending healthy life expectancy, so that customers enjoy healthy, fulfilling daily living over their entire lives.


Research aimed at emotional care through the performance of household chores and personal care by scientifically designing and realizing comfort.


Research aimed at delivering cleanliness—the core of healthy, comfortable living—in exciting and surprising ways.

Next-Generation Policy

Oral-to-Body Solution
We aim for expansion and evolution that will create an “oral health care business” in which oral care contributes to whole-body health care.
Infotech Health Support
We will create new health care business models that leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT and AI.
Daily Self-Care Enhancement
We will work toward evolution aimed at creating a health care business that will, in turn, “ReDesign” daily living to create healthful habits that help enhance QOL.
  • OTC
  • Consumer
  • Foods with
    function claims
  • Oral science
  • Interface science
  • Microbial control technology
  • Consumer research
  • Safety evaluations
  • Fragrance creation and evaluation technologies
  • Analytics

Leveraging diverse fundamental basic technologies in the development of products across a variety of fields, we are implementing a broad range of initiatives aimed at new business creation.

The Mission of Lion’s R&D

Continuously produce innovation that “ReDesigns” living habits

  • 1. Create experience-based value that fosters empathetic responses from consumers
  • 2. Speed up R&D through open innovation

Taking on New Research Fields