Next-Generation Policy

Basic Policy

Contribute to the generation of innovation as the growth engine for becoming an advanced daily healthcare company

Lion’s R&D aims to create customer experiences that are more natural, easy and enjoyable by developing products and services that contribute to the health, comfort and cleanliness of customers and help realize “healthy minds and bodies for all.”

Next-Generation Policy

The Mission of Lion’s R&D

  • 1. Create novel customer experiences by combining internal and external resources in new ways
  • 2. Continuously generate innovation and quickly deliver quality products to customers
  • 3. Provide accurate information that contributes to the redesign of habits in a way that is timely and accessible for consumers

Initiatives Under Vision2030

To realize Vision2030, we are further improving efficiency in existing businesses and speeding up development while accelerating initiatives in the newly designated four fields of value creation.

1. Leveraging Digital Technologies to Generate Innovation

To speed up research and development, we are leveraging digital technologies to increase development efficiency. For example, we are automating experiment processes using robots and applying AI to formula development. In addition, we are advancing new value proposals by applying the latest data science insights. Our research laboratories are constantly producing new ideas for a wide range of technologies and services that utilize our proprietary oral health data.

2. Reinforcing Initiatives in Cleanliness and Hygiene through Open Innovation

To offer new value in the field of hygiene—which has seen society’s needs grow due to the COVID-19 pandemic—we are working to catch up to needs in areas involving cutting-edge technologies and advancing cooperation with outside partners.
Hygiene is a field in which we can offer value through not only hand washing, but diverse aspects of daily living, such as clothing care and oral care. Lion has wide-ranging business domains related to daily living habits; leveraging this strength, we will reinforce collaboration internally and externally to rapidly provide unique and timely products, services and information that help customers form better hygiene habits.