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Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals

As self-medication grows more common, consumers’ health-related needs are diversifying. In response, Lion is constantly working to develop highly functional products that leverage its proprietary technologies. This approach enables Lion to create products that have a unique market position. For example, Lion has used its proprietary technologies related to quickly dissolving active ingredients in the development of BUFFERIN analgesics and cold medicine. Lion’s technologies for the stable formulation of vitamin A have been used in Smile eye drops. Applying polymer technology, Lion created Halix topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory products, which are both gentle on the skin and highly adhesive. And Stoppa antidiarrheal products employ Lion’s oral medicine fast-disintegration technology, for relief whenever needed with just one tablet that can be taken without water. Going forward, Lion will continue to actively develop products based on its unique proprietary technologies.

R&D Case Study—Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals

External Presentation—Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals

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